My Day That Disappeared in Vallejo

My visit to Vallejo, California was over in the blink of an eye. It all started at the Mare Island as I took in my surroundings of all the watercraft and old props. After this, my wife and I visited Dan Foley Park. To this day, that park is one of my favorite natural scenes I’ve ever visited. The beautiful sports-themed park starts with a baseball and soccer ball monument poles which lead to a huge combined baseball and soccer field. The design of the fields is perfect for a giant game of soccer or baseball, but not both. Deeper inside the park you can find playgrounds and a basketball court, but the natural beauty of the property is what mainly caught my attention. There’s a boating lake and lots of scenic areas to relax by the water for a picnic or whatever suits the occasion.

After Dan Foley Park, my wife and I visited Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. The park is known to have the craziest rides on Earth. The SkyScreamer holds you up about 150 feet in the air as you spin at speeds over 40mph. There are plenty of rollercoasters with loops on it and also a Sky Coaster; where you bungee jump down a hundred feet without a parachute. The park is also great for families with animal attractions with dolphins and more.


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