common bed bug treatments

Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to get rid of. If you leave just one pregnant female alive after treatment, your residence will be reinfested with hundreds of adults and new eggs in only three months. Pest control companies can not only competently assess your bed bug infestation, but also recommend the proper treatments to get rid of them.

Home remedies to remove bed bugs tend to be very ineffective. A professional pest control company can assess the problem, work on a solution, and then continue to monitor activity to make sure the bugs are gone.

Some of the common methods used by pest control companies to exterminate bed bugs include steaming, freezing, heat and insecticides. Steaming uses up to 180 degree heat to steam furniture that contains the bugs. Bed bugs cannot survive high heat for very long. When steaming, the exterminator does not have to use chemicals as the hot water is plenty to kill the bugs.

Freezing involves using a cryonite machine to spray frozen material that is -110 degrees. The infested area has to be left at this temperature for two weeks. An opposite technique is the heat technique. This heats the residence, or area to a high heat that the bugs cannot survive. Similar to the freezing technique, it must be left at this heat for some time.

Pest control companies may also use a variety of insecticides to eradicate the bugs. If you have a bed bug problem, get in touch with a professional pest control company to find out more.

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